There will be blog. It’ll be about pop music and race and gender. And OMG it will be good. For now, here’s me:

I am a popular music scholar whose interests revolve primarily around hip hop and pop, critical race theory, and theories of gender and sexuality. I’m currently Assistant Professor of Music at Rider University, where I teach in the school’s Popular Music Studies program.

My single-author book-length project – Posthuman Pop – blends my interests in hip hop, race, and gender by engaging contemporary popular music alongside posthuman theory. My other book-length project is one I’m working on with Jason Lee Oakes as co-editors of the Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Music Studies: check out the cfp here.

I co-edited with Ali Colleen Neff the special issue of the Journal of Popular Music Studies 27:4 titled “Sounding Global Southernness.” Other recent publications include an exploration of the Mozart myth as it is presented in Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus and then parodied in an episode of the Simpsons (Journal of Popular Culture 46:3, 2013), an examination of the earliest iPod silhouette commercials and the notions of freedom they are meant to convey (Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music Studies), a piece on popular music pedagogy in the posthumanities (Journal of Music History Pedagogy, and a long comparative review of Kanye and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne and the Roots’ Undun (Journal for the Society of American Music).

You can contact me at justindburton [at] gmail [dot] com and follow me on twitter @justindburton.



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