Justin aDams Burton: Popular Musicologist


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I am a popular music scholar whose interests revolve primarily around hip hop and pop, critical race theory, theories of gender and sexuality, and digital music production. My single-author book-length project – Posthuman Rap – situates trap music alongside posthuman discourses in the vein of Sylvia Wynter and Alex Weheliye. My other book-length project is the Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Music, which I’m co-editing and which will be published in 2018.

I co-edited with Ali Colleen Neff the special issue of the Journal of Popular Music Studies 27:4 titled “Sounding Global Southernness.” Other recent publications include an analysis of Azealia Banks’s Fantasea mixtape through the filter of embattled humanism, a reflection on my “Welcome to the Dirty South” class as it overlaps with ecomusicological theory, and my regular contributions to Sounding Out!. I’m currently working on a couple of invited articles: one that analyzes vocal production techniques alongside posthuman and black feminist discourse and another that listens to Big K.R.I.T. (and Big K.R.I.T.’s subwoofer) in the context of nonhuman musicality.

I’m an Assistant Professor of Music at Rider University, where I teach in the school’s Popular Music Studies program, including courses that combine my research interests in pop, race, and gender, as well as digital production courses that primarily interface with Ableton Live.

You can contact me at justindburton [at] gmail [dot] com and follow me on twitter @j_adams_burton.